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Think small for big ideas.

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Like Jack, sometimes the competition looks huge and formidable,
yet quite often that is their undoing.

There’s just one thing we lack that those giants have—overhead. You’re not paying to keep our lights on—hey they’re already on. So there’s no 2.5X markup on all the work.

Ampersand is small, nimble, quick and 100% customizable to your needs. We have one principal—that’s Jill. She evaluates your brand and its challenges, then selects a customized team of senior level talent to help set you on the path to achieving your goals. And when we say senior, we mean folks who have deep experience in their discipline, be it art direction, copy writing, direct marketing, research, media or PR. Egos are left at the door as we coalesce into a team to help you succeed. Finally, we establish a fee for each project and we’re sure you’ll find it competitive.

In addition, we are virtual. You don't have to waste time or money on travel and transportation. Geography is not a barrier for us with clients in Wyoming, New Jersey and Michigan.

So give Jill a call and let’s chat about how to slay your giants.