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We are passionate for non-profits. With representation on boards like Chrysalis, Jackson Hole Land Trust, The Broad Stage, LA Opera, Blue Ribbon, UCLA Anderson School, Wildwood School and the Los Angeles Library Foundation, we know non-profits cold.

Because our teams are customized, we are a great fit for non-profit work. You aren't paying for extra people on the payroll. In addition, we are virtual. You don't have to waste time or money on travel and transportation. Geography is not a barrier for us, with clients in Wyoming, New Jersey and Michigan.

We relaunched the LA Opera with a new brand positioning and audience expansion program. We are big believers in the value of branding – and love to create brands for special events and fund raisers like Blue Ribbon’s Other Side of the Curtain, The Broad Stage Gala or the Library Foundation’s Literary Feasts.

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